Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Seventh Meeting

This week, we have an interesting mix of patrons. Joe and Brent have 'headaches' so they can't make it, and joining us for the first time is Noob Tom J. We also have Mike, Belfry, Colin, Tom, and the host, Derek. Derek chose a quaffable summer beer this week because of the weather, so we'll be sipping on Saison. Welcome, this is our farmhouse.

The first one is corked and caged. Saison Dupont is the 7th highest rated Saison on BA, and it's 6.5% alcohol. It smells really funky, but the taste is clearly Belgian. It's highly carbonated and you can taste the Belgian Candi sugars, and it finishes crisply.

BPA: 3.32

Next we have another corked and caged delight. Colin brought Ommegang Hennepin, which is the 6th ranked Saison on BA and weighs in at 7.7% ABV. It pours a fairly light yellow, and smells more like a tripel. Mike says it's way less subdued, but Derek is totally wrong in his opinion that it smells funkier than the last. "Less of the farm, more of the city,"- Derek is kind of making sense now. Tom J- "This leaves a film in the back of my throat." Tom B- "That's what she said." Let's rate this:

BPA: 2.93

Brasserie Dupont's Foret is our next pour, brought to you and I by Noob Belfry. Right off the bat, is smells like cheeeeeese. Matt Cooper has been kicked out of school for less. It's funky and tastes like the wet straw above which Baby Jesus was swaddled.

BPA: 3.05

We have our first repeat. Boulevard's Tank 7 Farmhouse is our first repeat tasting, as Noob Belfry didn't show proper knowledge of the blog. However, it was on behalf of Noob Tom J, who's even Noobier than Belfry. However, we're not disappointed, as it will give us a chance to compare it against other Saisons, and to give it a BPA. It pours a little cloudier than the last couple, and it smells a lot hoppier than the last few. It's good, but it doesn't taste anything like the last few. It seems more of an American take on the style.

BPA: 3.17

Our next stop on the saison tour is Les Biere des Collines. As far as we know, it's not on BA yet, and if it is, we've misspelled the name on multiple attempts. It pours the same color as a barleywine. It's 6.5%, but tastes like alcohol. It's very strange; it tastes like apples a little bit, and there's a little funk, but this is certainly unlike any beer I've ever had. I don't like the mouthfeel, and Derek doesn't like it at all. Let it be known: Noob Belfry feels his tastebuds have been adulterated by multiple Tom J flatulences.

BPA: 2.27

Our final taste comes from Brother Derek, in the form of Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire, which comes in at a surprising 4.3% ABV. This one pours a dark crimson, and looks like it should taste like a dubbel. There's a definite spicy smell. Meeeeerrrry Christmas, it tastes like gingerbread! It's another strange one, with hop presence and a rather thin mouthfeel.

BPA: 2.38

Well that will do it for the night. This style got probably the lowest rankings that we've had, which is kind of a surprise. We were joined by Noob Mike's new pooch, Gabe. Well, we're not really drunk, so we'll get on with some Belgians the next couple of weeks to remedy that situation.

Gabe has leap-frogged Mike in the Noob hierarchy

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sixth Meeting

And here we are at Brent's place for the sixth meeting of the beer club. The theme tonight is IPAs and Double IPAs, although the bulk of the harvest is of the latter variety. We welcome to our meeting our two newest noobs, Noob Mike and Noob Belfry. This will be Belfry's first club meeting, as well as his observation trial period.

First up: Left Hand's 400 Lb Monkey. We started off with a standard English IPA. Our thoughts are that we'd start off with the less hoppy and end up with the most hoppy beers. This one fits the bill as a drinkable IPA. This one comes in at 6.7% ABV. "Wait, how do we know already??" NOOB ALERT!! We're talking about ABV, noob salsa, not BPA. Blunder #1 has been noted by the elders. ON TO THE BPA!

BPA: 3.34

Next urp is Rogue Yellow Snow, which is another IPA. Who smells grapefruit? I do. Brent thinks this one is brewed with Zippy hopped. He also said "You don't need to write down my comments, they're super-jaded." It's bitter, but tasty. Just like Brent! ME-OW!

BPA: 3.23

On to da next! This next one is a beer we've all had multiple times, and is regarded as the second-highest rated IPA on BA. Town Hall Masala Mama BOOM! It's fruity, yet bitter, but extremely delicious. Since we've all tasted it multiple times, we'll get right to the rating.

BPA: 3.71

Our next flavorful flavoring is Sierra Nevada Harvest Wet Hope Ale, and 6.7% of it is firewater. Brent finds its earthy flavor challenging, yet soothing. We all agree it's fairly malty. The conversation has wandered dangerously off-topic during this tasting.

BPA: 2.88

Stone Ruination is the fifth beer on tap. Most of us have tasted this IPA before and it's known to be delicious. This one came to us from Escondido, CA by way of Colorado, via Brent's future parents-in-law. (oh snap) It pours a nice, hazy orange color, and tastes hoppy and bitter, much like Brent's future parents-in-law (double snap) There's a lot of pine involved in this one.

BPA: 3.59

Next up is Founders Centennial IPA, brought to you by Noob McBelfry. In walks Brother Derek's father. The oldest noob ever to noob. The hop is the same as in the last beer, but this beer is way maltier. "Malt bomb," says Joe.

BPA: 3.33

Our next beer is 21st Amendment IPA, AKA Brew Free or Die. It's another American IPA that rolls at us at a clean 7%. Upon the first taste, we find it sour. The sourest IPA I have thus far tasted. It smells and tastes like a saison at first, but finishes with a hoppy bitterness.

BPA: 3.7

We move on to the next beer, which happens to be Widmer Bros. Deadlift DIPA. It appears we've entered into double IPA territory, which means 8.5% booze. Mike is feeling toasty and slurry. "It's MY HOUSE, and MY SCHNOODLE!!" Quote taken out of context from Mike. Citrusy hops, and it proves to be better than I thought.

BPA: 3.09

Ska Modus Hoperandi is up next. It's Colorado's up and coming new brewery, and the music choice of James Simmons. Ruination-ish. We're getting drunk, and there's a lot of beer left to taste. Let's keep this rolling...

BPA: 3.53

Next up is Lagunitas' Double IPA, which comes in at 8 per cent and is called Hop
Stoopid. It's a fairly transparent beer, but isn't as hoppy as our last few. It's tasty, but as the night draws on we find ourselves with a higher bodily ABV.

BPA: 2.81

Bell's Hopslam is one of the top Double IPAs on BA. Some would call it a DIPA dandy. GET IT????!!?!?! LOLZ! This has also been tasted by everyone in the club, and it's Spring release is long-awaited by all. It pours a fairly transparent orange, and smells sour grapefruit omelette. BOOM our first 10%er! The last one made this one taste good, says Noob Belfers.

BPA: 3.7

We have Oskar Blues GUBNA Double IPA. It smells quite skunky for an IPA, but it still has the hop kick. It's pretty transparent in its appearance. Derek thinks it tastes like bacon. What a loser.

BPA: 3.3

Southern Tier Hoppe is the next pour. It's Southern Tier's less-hoppy offering of their two Double IPAs. It's also lower in the ABV dept., at 8%. Belfry thinks it has depth, and Brent says it dances upon his buds. The mouthfeel is exceptional, so it's getting fairly good ratings.

BPA: 3.21

Surly Abrasive is up next. This is the newest Surly brew on the market, and is only offered in the Spring. It's the spiritual successor to 16 grit, which is their now-defunct double IPA. It made it's debut on BA at 46 this week, and it's sure to rise. We all agree it's basically a concentrated Furious. Derek, "I NEED SOME GODDAMN SALT!!"

BPA: 3.83

The next, and not final, beer is Great Divide Hercules Double IPA. We're drunk, and this is a lot of samples. We all taste a strong ale, over Dub IPA. HOLY BISCUITS THE BRONCOS JUST DRAFT TEBOW!! PRAISE JESUS!!

BPA: 3.58

Last. Thank God. We have Southern Tier Unearthly, which is probably the hoppiest beer we've had. Here goes nothin'. Darker pour than most of our libations. This one comes in at 10 dot percent, which is the heavier of their two Dub IPAs. This stuff is a hop boulliabasse.

BPA: 3.23

Welp, this is for realz the last. Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree. It's 13.6% ABV and it's an "Israeli beer" according to uber-noob Larzon. It's a lot more malts and caramel than a standard IPA, which is closer to a barleywine. Derek sat out this one. Derek is fighting Smiegel for the couch spot, and Gabbert accused Derek of salamandry. A duel, we shall have!

BPA: 3.43

It appears this disastrous chapter has ended. Our next session will feature less beers. Kudos to hops and hopkind.

Meet Mike's schnoodle, Gabe:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fifth Meeting

Brother Tom hath just returned from yet another pilgrimmage to worship the Patron Saint of Beer, Saint Diego. He managed to locate a couple Russian River wild ales, along with a few others to bring back. Hence, we decided on having a night dedicated to the consumption of wild yeast.

First offering is Russian River Supplication, a 7% ABV that's aged in Pinot Noir barrels. This being wild yeast night, it has some wild yeast and Brett. Colin thinks it's effervescent, and Derek says it gives him a happy ending. Me Ruv You Rong Time! This beer is #13 on BA and it lives up to it's hype. It's easily the top wild ale I've ever had.

BPA: 4.0 (ed. note: shazaaaam!)

Corked and caged, yet again. Next we have Lost Abbey's Red Barn Saison, which is an ale that comes in at 6.7%. Appearance: Golden and hazy like a hef. Nosefeel: Smells like a horse's arse, says Derek. Joe says it's Bretty, but not George Brett-Brett. Not pine-tar-on-the-handle-homerun-taken-away-Brett. Very good Saison. Let's rate this swill:

BPA: 3.38

Batter Up: New Glarus Unplugged Cherry Stout. It's a second-time brew, which makes it all the more valuable to our EXCLUSIVE racist club. Michael Jordan couldn't get in. This stuff smells like cherry syrup. Colin: It smells like a cough drop tastes. Definitely a different beer. It has a sour-ish taste. However, very good, and I think this is the first of the much-lauded New Glarus line I've tasted. Das Noob is reminded of nutmeg and fonder times amongst loved ones 'round the Christmas tree.

BPA: 3.45

Our next pour is one we've had before. It's from New Belgium's Lips of Faith line. The beer is Biere de Mars. Teh style is inspired from the fourth planet LOL!!

This one comes in at 6.200000% and is another wild ale. It appears a little more transparent than the last few, but it smells like good things. Joe says it's hella maltier than the last few, but with a definite wild yeast kick. It smells like a wet barnyard where Joe gets his organic chickens in the springtime.

BPA: 3.37

Mike the Noob presents our next beer, which is another offering from New Belgium's Lips of Faith; La Folie Sour Brown Ale. This one pours a brown color. This is definitely the sourest of the sours so far, and the 6% booze is nowhere to be found. It tastes like a warhead, which makes Colin's tongue shrivel. James Simmons used to eat a lot of warheads, I bet.

BPA: 3.43

Corked! Caged! CorkedCagedcorkedcaged! Russian River Temptation is up next. It's #32 on the Bible list and a mere 7.25% of it is everclear. Let's have a look, smell, and taste. It looks and smells like a saison. "Super dank," and "Oh, that's awesome" from the gallery. It tastes like a sour saison. Unfortunately this beer is so difficult to get otherwise I'd drink this frequently and thoroughly on every nice day.

BPA: 3.85

Lastly, we have Brother Colin's offering; Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze, which rolls at us at 6% ABV. It's a geuze, which is similar to a lambic or a wild ale. Smells like George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars. It's very strong tasting; sour, sweet, and strong. Carbonation bounces off my taste buds. Off The Topic Quote: Mike answers the phone, "Yeah, hi, I'm at beer club, and I'll be back sortly." Yes, sortly. Noob slurs.

BPA: 3.32

All in all, this is the highest rated session we've had. Although the beers are unconventional and taste like anything but the 'American Adjunct Ales' that we all grew up on, they prove to be quite drinkable. Applicant Brother Michael added some input, and Noob Guest-Sampler Kayla offered some insightful female opinions as well. Good beer, good cheer. Johnny Weir.

Pictured: Mike wearing The Moustache of the Pledge

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fourth Meeting

We will now convene this here meetin’. We have our first ever guest taster, and it happens to be a female. She is also required to supply a tasting, which I conjecture to be Ace pear cider or Bartles & James kumquat flirtini. The reason she’s our guest this week is that we’re holding our meeting on Colin’s deck amidst the unseasonable warmth.

This week’s theme is Category 15 of the Great American Beer festival, which includes hefeweizen, dunkelweizen, and weizenbach. And Colin accidentally brought a German lager. So there you have it!

The first taste is Sierra Nevada’s Kellerweis. It pours a really cloudy orange, and chunks of yeast and things are a-floatin’ around the bottle. It’s thick and yeasty, with a lemon kick at the end. It certainly tastes more like lemon than orange. I think we all agree it’s really refreshing, and a good example of what we’re looking for. Colin’s reaction: How about this weather??

BPA: 3.12

To keep in line with the mood, it’s time to grill some brats.

Our next sample is Paulaner Hefeweizen. It’s a classic Bavarian wheat beer that’s one of my favorite in the category. It pours a thick orange color and seems to be darker than the Sierra Nevada. It tastes a little more orange-y than the last one we tasted. Joe feels like it’s less flavorful, but Derek and I feel like it’s more.

BPA: 3.2

The third pour of the evening is Town Hall Brewery’s Hefeweizen. A solid staple from one of our favorite local brews. Sarah and I think that it’s less flavorful, but Derek and Joe think otherwise. There’s more banana in this one and less citrus than the other two.

BPA: 3.54

Our fourth sample is Ayinger Weizenbach. I’ve never tasted it before, but it should be pretty similar to the previous brews. It pours a slightly lighter color; similar to the first one. It has a serious citrus taste, and it elicited a similar positive response.

BPA: 3.48

Number 5 is Aventinus Wheat Doppelbock. It’s a little heavier and darker than the previous beer we’ve tried, plus, this one comes in at 8.2%, which is a good bit boozier, as well. It tastes like caramel and wheat, and it seems we’re all in agreement.

BPA: 3.24

Lastly, and in a different category, we have the Weihenstephaner Pilsner. It’s a lager that you could drink all day, if you had the time and the thirst.

BPA: 2.82

The fourth meeting of beer club turned out to be the most refreshing one. We’re thinking about doing Belgians in the next installment, as well as ways to haze potential members, Belfry and Gabbert.

Lastly, here's a picture of our guest taster: