Thursday, July 21, 2011

Forty Fourth Meeting

On this tasty day on Mike's deck we're sampling us some APAs. A style that's generally more balanced than the IPA, with about the same alcohol content. There are only four of us here today, so let's get this started.

First up is Odell St. Lupulin which rolls in at 6.5%, which is probably towards the upper reaches of ABV for the style. It's a pretty transparent, light amber color. It's not as cold as it probably should be, but it's still pretty tasty. Welp, time to rate.

*BOOM EDITOR's NOTE- we've already had this one. Redemption beer!

BPA: 3.1

Next up is Capital US Pale Ale. This one's a 5%er. It pours a similar color to the last one but holy moly it smells caramelly. It smells more like a scotch or oktoberfest. I don't think I've had a pale ale that matched the sugariness of this one. Consensus is maltier yet less hoppy than the last one. Pretty standard, but nothing to call your trade buddies on BA about.

BPA: 2.85

Thirdly we have Odell 5 Barrel Pale Ale. This one deviates from style, so Colin now has to bring a redemption rule next week pursuant to the new rule. I like this one- it has more of a tart lemon hoppy flavor that's present but not too abundant. Pretty blended and it's tasty indeed for 5.2%.

BPA: 3.15

Our next beer is from a brewery that we haven't sampled before- Abita which is right out of Louisiana. This one comes in at 5%. It pours slightly lighter but it seems a bit hoppier than the previous ones.

BPA: 3.23

Yet another beer we've had before-- Grand Teton Sweetgrass IPA. I can't believe we've had this before- I didn't think I'd ever had anything from the Tetons. Welp, we're drinking and rating regardless, however it won't go on the side bar. We all think this is much closer to an IPA than an APA. Pretty tasty.

BPA: 3.3

I'm way behind on blogging here. There is some loud arguing due to the new redemption rule. Our last beer-to-style of the night is Great Divide Denver Pale Ale. Which is not-to-style at all. It's an English Pale Ale. Oh well, gubna. Off to da clink wif ya's.

BPA: 3.08

BONUS BEER! This one is a big fat joke called Fat Cat. This is one of Mike's favorite lagers and it comes in a cool orange can.

BPA: 2.15

BONUS BEER, PART II! This one is a teensy bit fancier. The Bruery Provisions Series Premiere is the name, and 10% is its game. It's classified as a Belgian Strong Pale Ale, but it's advertised as a Belgian golden ale aged in bourbon barrels. After tasting it, the closest thing I've had to it is Odell Deconstruction, which is quite the compliment.

BPA: 3.78

FINAL BONUS BEER FANTASY! This is a legit bonus beer to say the least. Mike may have raised the bar to a nearly unattainable level by bringing Cigar City Hunahpu Imperial Stout. Standard darker-than-north-of-the-wall color with a slight head on top. The smell is fairly subdued- but it's normally tought to tell with these stouts. There is definite chocolate, some coffee, but the chilis may take the place of hops. It's hard to say. I can't tell if the bite comes from chilis, hops, or Chile. Santiago. A tasty beer indeed. But a 4.0? We'll find out after the break......

BPA: 4.0

Boom shaka la ka

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Forty Third Meeting

It's been almost a month since we've had beer club, but here we are at Tom B's house to celebrate the Lambic. We've only done this category once before and it looks like we have a pretty good lineup.

As tradition dictates, I present to us the first beer of the evening. We have Lindeman's Gueuze Cuvee Renee which is 5%. Oh boy, this is funky. It's full of Brett and has a little sour apple kick. Once again, things have gone off-topic early. This beer seems to be somewhat popular but I reckon we'll be able to tell by the BPA.

BPA: 3.17

Next up, Colin brings us wrapping paper + corked and caged. Happy Hannukah Marv. This is Liefman's Cuvee Brut, which is 6%. This one pours substantially darker than the last. It smells slightly of cherries. Thick and juicy mmmm.

BPA: 3.5

Third, Mike brings to us the most distributed lambic in the US. Lindeman's Framboise lambic is a raspberry lambic that comes in at a mighty 2.5%, which is pretty similar to O'Doul's. Shortly after Mike bought this at the Firkins, Alvey came up and said that other lambic breweries in Belgium make fun of this one for cutting corners. All I can say is this smells and tastes like Raspberry Smirnoff with less burn.

BPA: 3.1

Turnboise brings Chapeau Peche. This cool-lookin' bottle comes in at 3%, which is our first peach-flavored beer in the history of this club. It pours a cloudy golden color. Somewhat peachy nosefeel. Boise, this one is chock full of corn syrup. I taste sugar first, peach extract second, and then nothing. I've had Mike's Hard Lemonades that offered more complexity.

BPA: 2.38

Brent brings another beer from the Lindeman's family, which is their Kriek (cherry) lambic. This is pretty much like the rest of the lambics. One note- but pretty tasty.

BPA: 2.8

Derek brings Timmerman's Strawberry lambic. I actually can't taste that beer because it's strawberry. I'm allergic to it. Nosefeel: strawbs. Allergyfeel: swollen throat and tongue. On to the rating!

BPA: 2.22

Derek brought another Timmerman's, except this one is cherry. It tastes like Junior Juice. They don't seem like true lambics, but just bland ales with fruit extract.

BPA: 2.65

B-B-B-Bonus beer! We have a whole new brewery for the club. This is Epic Brewing Brainless on Cherries, which is a Belgian ale with peaches aged in oak, and 10.5% at that. It smells oaky, but judging by the way Mike is smacking his chops, it's chock-full-o-flavor. Derek characterized this as smokey/oaky, which is fairly accurate.

BPA: 2.88