Monday, October 11, 2010

Twenty First Meeting

Here we are for the 21st meeting of our club. We're at Brent's house on Monday night prior to the return of Randy Moss to the Vikings. The beer chat could be abbreviated due to Vikings fever.

Glitter. Glisten. Gloss. Floss.

Let's get this started before the game starts. BARROOOOO!!

First up is Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter. BAC of 7.8% gives it a boozy taste and classifies it as an Imperial Porter, however BA lists the BAC as 9.2%. The bottle art and name is in honor of the great Hunter S. Thompson, a former mayoral candidate from Aspen, CO. It's boozy at first, but it becomes smoother and more chocolatey as you go along.

BPA: 2.96

Next up is Odell Cutthroat Porter, which rolls in at 5%. This smells roastier and is extremely light compared to the last one. Much more sessionable, according to some people who are sitting here.

BPA: 2.44

Thirdly we have Surly Smoke. This is a pretty limited release, and is a smoked porter that comes in at 8.2%. Waxed and corked! Waxed and corked! Mike says it's far more complex on his tongue. Joe said the last one was like a palette cleanser. It smells like a bonfire. I still think the smoke flavor is too dominant.

BPA: 3.63

Michael, trader extraordinaire, has procured for us this fourth beer, which is Berkshire Coffeehouse Stout. It is quite thin, but with a pronounced coffee flavor.

BPA: 3.11

Stone Smoked Porter is up next. This one is a smoked porter, like Surly's, and comes in at 5.9%. Some of us think this is less smoky, some things it's smokier.

BPA: 3

We're getting close to game time!!! Delayed due to lightning, or due to Beer Club running a little long. Randy Moss thinks your haircut makes you look like a girl. Up next we have Deschutes Black Butte. Oh my god Randy Moss to Brett Favre for a first down.

BPA: 2.81

Lastly, we have Nogne Porter. This is our first Norwegian brewery. Yada Yada Yada the Vikings are on now. Let's play

BPA: 3.09

That's it. And may God be with the Vikings.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Drunkenness is setting in.
Waiting in line to wait in line for vanilla bcs. Nerds!

Autumn Brew Review/Beer Prom

This is the day for which we've been waiting all year. ABR AKA Beer Prom. I will be blogging LIVE from the action. Updates to follow!