Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forty Second Meeting

We're having our 42nd meeting outdoors at Colin's house this evening. It's a perfect night for outdoor beer club and we're sampling the somewhat obscure style of Kolsch. It's a German lager-like ale. Colin's children are hanging around the outskirts, mostly because they can't walk or crawl yet, but I'm guessing they're just hoping Sarah falls asleep and we give them a taste.

Firstly Colin brings to us Alaskan Summer Ale. I do believe that this is the first offering from Alaskan Brewery, which began distributing to our state this year. This ol' Kolschy boy comes in at 5.3%. It pours golden and smells slightly sour. It tastes pretty much like a lager... fairly bland and refreshing. Not a lot of flavors are jumping out at me.

BPA: 3.27

Derek brings to us Lake Superior Kayak Kolsch. This here brewery may be the most unrepresented local breweries in the WTBC. The ABV is a gigantic mystery. I find this beer more flavorful than the last. This is wildly off topic- we're talking about Game of Thrones.

BPA: 2.95

Auf drei, Herr Bequette bringt Ihr Reissdorf Kolsch. It's the top-rated Kolsch on BA, and comes in at... unknown. Beeradvocate is currently down. It's pretty hoppy for a kolsch. Reissdorf:Kolsch::Victory Prima Pils:Pilsner.

BPA: 3.07

Turnbull brings us InBev's finest: Goose Island Summer Ale. This one smells like the first two... but it's a bit thinner on the mouth. It's fairly tame and easy to drink. Not a lot of words surrounding this one.

BPA: 2.27

Michael James Lannister brings to us a beer spun from nothing less than gold. The rich color privileges us with its light; it's nosefeel entrances our underappreciative nos-trils. The smell is not too sour, not too malty, but just... so.

BPA: 2.93

Belfry brings to us our final standard beer of the evening. We have Flying Dog Tire Bite. It's alright I guess, but our conversation has shifted to other things. Colin just slurred like Michael saying "GITTT OVEEERRR HERRR Y?OU DAMN DAWG" before he strikes young Gabe. Colin said "Smituation."

BPA: 2.63

BOOOONUS BEEEER!!! Mr. McC comes through with a monster. Goose Island Big John Imperial Stout comes in at 11.5%. Shazaaam this stuff is the tops. Boozy and chocolatey are my two favorite beer-related adjectives.

BPA: 3.67

Last up: second bonus beer. Colin brings to us Goose Island Fleur. It smells like a standard sour. It basically tastes like a floral saison. Welp, let's rate.

BPA: 3.5

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Forty First Meeting

Beer Club 6/2/11
Derek’s House

Derek, Colin, Belfry, Tbull, Gabbo in attendance.

fitgers cherry wee heavy:

this one’s coming in at 10.3%. quite thin on the malt and quite boozy. tbull says we could use a little more malt, but it’s not bad. not very much cherry flavor. people are not that impressed with this fitger’s offering. also, this is not to style for the beer club night, so overall a very poor offering from our host.

D:c C: c+ M: c- T: b- B: c+

Samuel Smith’s Raspberry fruit ale:

This ones coming in at 5.1% and tastes like raspberrys. peeps say this should be served 1 degree cooler. i say it is fine. nice, tart finish. good balance, not overwhelmingly sweet. discussion has moved back to fitgers and the wildfire beer. one of the most disgusting beers available behind cave creek.

M: b+ T: a- B: b+ D: b+ C b+

Cherish Raspberry Lambic:

5%. “nosefeel is good” gabbo. nice raspberry taste up front, followed by a crisp finish. mike thinks it finishes weak. at least a degree .5 cooler... maybe 2 ish and this would be delightful.

C: b G: b- T: b B: b+ D: b

Dark Horse raspberry ale:

any comments? “havent even tried it yet” colin. light on the raspberry taste, much more of a pale ale flavor. smells more of raspberry than tastes. “it does not live up to it’s smell” belfry. “i dont like this beer... statement. i think its better than the first POS beer”

T: b- B: b D: b- C: b- G: c+

Timmermans Framboise Lambic:

4.5%. nosefeel: tart. derek thinks it smells like poop. literally. no one else agrees. could possibly be a brown smell. tart vs fart. taste is tart and raspberry’y. losing focus. blogging is tough.

C: b M: b+ T: b- B: b D: b

great divide wild raspberry ale

5.6% still pretty ale’y. darkhorse was better. smells more tart than the darkhorse but it is so thin. color is very red, you would expect more of a raspberry flavor.

B: b D: c+ C: c+ M: b- T: b-


lake erie monster

holy guacamole this is a citrus bomb! dank smells up front of citrus hops. this is a quite tasty imperial IPA coming in at 9.2%. incredibly pale beer with a nice balance between citrus hops and malt. great beer overall.

D: a- C: a- M: a- T: a- B: a-

ALLL A-ssssss what what!! woop woop!!!