Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WTBC #58 - MN Brews

MN Beer Club, Keepin’ it local
Schell’s Stag Series – Barrel Aged Alt
A: Dark brown slight reddish hue S: Smells of wine barrel has a nose of caramel T: really nice, reminds us of a scotch ale, I’ll give it a B – Colin M: Thinner than usual for alt is the consensus D: Very drinkable, great barrel flavor
Odell Footprint
So for starters this is the hosts (my) beer and I’ve pulled a Derek of sorts in that I designated MN beer club and brought a Colorado brewery but, there are MN ingredients A: Light golden good amount of head hazy S: like beer T: Delicious, nice wheatish flavors decent barrel flavor M: Good mouthfeel mildly carbonated D: quite high
Boom Island – Silvius
A: Hazy golden light colored head S: fruity esters T: not a lot of malt back nice hops I’m done.
Brau Bros – Cherry bean coffee stout
Flat Earth – Black Helicopter
Fulton War and Peace