Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All your Hops are Belong to Us (Hop forward Beer Club)

All your Hops are Belong to Us (Hop forward Beer Club)

Arctic Panzer Wolf (aka Arctic Tank Wolf)

Derek starts the evening out with what may be he most astute observation to date, that this beer Is hoppy but not overly bitter. This is true, the citrus flavor and aroma from this beer is quite divine. Have to say that this is quite a unique hop profile, heavy in citrus and low resiny lingering makes this a clean drinking highly enjoyable beer.


Double Haul IPA

Our first offering from Kettlehouse brewery. Derek is now regaling us with nostalgic memories of this brewery in his college days, apparently Laura Ingalls Wilder was pouring samples there at some point. Agreed around the room that this is a really tasty brew. Has a nice hop presence and a sweet finish. Now we’re discussing Big Titties XXX, which is the name of the internet network of Jeff’s down stairs neighbors and should result in some increased traffic due to errant google searches.


Double Simcoe

Holy Guacamole! One of my personal favorites, this is expensive but delicious. This has one hop, Simcoe. The nice piney taste is present and hangs around in its resiny goodness. Jeff deals bikes, this is also a plug and an attempt to increase traffic via Jeff and his dealings.


Mountain Standard

This one’s a Black Double IPA, have to say I like the variation on the theme. This is nice the roasty flavors over powers the hops. The hop profile is decidedly lacking for an IIPA but that being said it is a quality brew and highly enjoyable. The malts also being more present are great Odells does a mean Black IIPA. It should be noted that this is the only Black IIPA we’ve ever had.


Jamaica Red Ale

This is no Red Stripe. This has a great hop flavor, hoppier than one might expect for a red, what is present as well is some sugars and malty goodness. This one is is likely at home on da beach with a spliff in hand, jah mon.



Very Three Floydsish reminds some of our first offering. The hop profile is reminiscent of many of their beers. However there is a distinct aftertaste trying to put a finger on it… Wait perhaps its Mango. Some Chris Catan Style mango. I’m really getting nothing from anyone at this point. There’s a touch of hay and farmhouse-esque flavor happening at the finish, although I have to say decidedly mild. There’s also some sweetness to the finish.


Voodoo Doughnut

Woodpond, “This tastes like Aunt Jemima’s vagina!” Review over. But really, this has generated the most beer-centered discussion of the evening and it’s a shame that I can’t record more after Pond’s initial comment.



Smells like maple and bacon. Weird. This beer has fallen victim to following one of the most bizarre beers ever tasted. Seems like it would be good.


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