Monday, March 5, 2012

WTBC # 57 - Sours/Wilds/Flanders

Sour/Wild/Duplicate Beer Club
St. Louis Kriek
Derek… brings us one 12.7oz offering. One of these days he’ll get it. Very sweet, like melted jolly rancher sweet. Highly carbonated, to style. Overall, not very drinkable, almost a good thing that we had such small sample sizes.
Cuvee des Jacobins
What a refreshing taste of quality! This is a really great Flanders Red, tartness that gets you in the taste buds, high and refreshing carbonation. A wonderfully tasty beer, I recommend this to any of our readers, if there are any.
La Folie
Another Flanders coming up here, nice coincidence for a direct comparison of the same style except brewed on different sides of the pond. This one is a little drier, slightly less carbonated but still plenty refreshing. Also pick this one up.
Grand Cru
Nice! Three Flanders’ in a row, lovin’ this. This is a great experiment in beer tasting. This one is the least tart of the three, which I would not have guessed prior to this little lab test. Not as dry as the La Folie, this ends up being a really nice in between.
My head is going to explode! This makes 4 Flanders’ in a row! Wowza! This one is really dry and very tart. Reminds me a lot cranberry bitter tartness. I’m also hearing cherries, which makes sense considering it says its made with cherries on the bottle, not being one for cherry not my favorite of the four thus far.
La Roja
Well so ends our streak, we’ve moved onto an American Wild Ale, although similar. This one has far less cherry, still a nice tart presence, this one has a distinctive malt presence and a nice sour finish, moderately dry finish.
The Dissident
A 2010 vintage, a nice surprise from our host with this one, a real beauty. Nice dry finish and rich carbonation. There’s a very light fruit flavor some citrus, and pear notes. This is an awesome beer, again readers, grab this one.
Brett Brown Ale
An offering from our own Fitger’s. No label, so this is somewhat mystery beer. This is easily the worst mouthfeel of a beer. No flavor, finishes super watery and no discernable flavor profile.
What a miserable finish to beer club with such promise.
Bonus Beer
Avant Peche

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